How a recruitment consultant work for an employee to get a job?

At Alparwaaz, we work hard to understand your career goals to help you achieve them by finding you a job that is the right fit for you. We collaborate with leading regional businesses that have job opportunities available in Dubai and the Gulf Countries. Our constant objective is to find highly sought-after candidates who can assist in fulfilling our clients’ staffing needs.

What is in the recruitment process?

Our human resource team undertake the whole recruitment process from complete job profile briefing, and screening candidate to shortlist, placement, and follow-up.

How do you Screen the Candidate?

Alparwaaz has a candidate screening process to ensure that the candidate matches the client’s requirements. 

Is there any specific industry where candidates can apply for employment opportunities?

Is there any specific industry where candidates can apply for employment opportunities?

Are there any charges required for the recruitment process?

No. we never charge any amount from jobseekers for our services. Alparwaaz has a strong network of resources that allow organized recruitment services. 

I am seeking a good employment opportunity in Dubai. Can you help?

Indeed. We collaborate with reputable local firms that currently have job opportunities, and we are constantly seeking highly sought-after individuals to assist in filling the positions of our clients. We place skilled professionals in almost every sector. One can visit – to know more. 

How do I submit my CV?

Visit and choose the job profile you are seeking employment in. You will be directed to the ‘Apply Now’ page. Fill out the requirements to apply further.  

I have submitted my CV. What happens next?

A recruiter will connect with you if your skills and experience meet the requirements for the position you have applied for. We receive new openings frequently, so continue to check back to apply for the jobs.