23 October 2023
280 BHD - 300 BHD / month

Job Description

As a Construction Accountant, your primary responsibility will be to oversee the financial aspects of multiple construction projects. This includes creating comprehensive budgets, managing supplier contracts, evaluating production costs, and ensuring the accuracy of invoice statements. You should possess analytical and detail-oriented skills, with a keen focus on maintaining a high level of financial accuracy.

Job Responsibilities 

  • Working in collaboration with the project manager, we aim to create a comprehensive and cost-efficient budget for the project.
  • Throughout the project, accounting tasks are performed, including the creation of invoices, estimation of cash flow, and approval of purchase orders.
  • Examining all transactions and incorporating unexpected expenses into the budget.
  • Maintaining detailed records of project finances for both internal and external audits, as well as for tax purposes.
  • Interpreting financial data and information from projects to prepare cost analyses.
  • To ensure the accuracy of financial reporting and identify any potential risks or discrepancies in the budget, it is essential to report such findings to the management for their review.
  • Conducting thorough research on market trends allows for the projection of potential price fluctuations in the construction industry.
  • Establishing and nurturing solid connections with vendors and suppliers is crucial for maintaining a strong network and ensuring a reliable supply chain.
  • Staying updated and well-informed about developments in both the construction and accounting sectors is vital for professional growth and success.

Skills Require

  • Strong knowledge of construction accounting, including cost controls, job costing, and profit and loss accounting
  • Ability to understand complex billing and job costing concepts
  • Accounting experience in construction