Gas Cutter

19 October 2023
140 BHD - 170 BHD / month

Job Description

As a Gas Cutter professional, you will be performing gas-cutting operations as per the safety procedures. Indulgence in cutting equipment to cut and shape metal. Inspect and maintain cutting equipment to ensure proper functioning.

Key Responsibilities

  • Setting up and operating the gas-cutting machinery in a safe and timely manner
  • Accurately measuring and marking the location of the cut line on the material to be cut 
  • Preparing the material to be cut, including cleaning, smoothing, and grinding.
  • Selecting the correct type of cutting torch and gas for the specific material being cut
  • Cutting a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals. 
  • Inspecting the cut material to ensure that it meets the specifications of the project
  • Performing routine maintenance and repairs on the cutting machinery
  • Ensuring that all safety procedures and protocols are followed when operating the machinery
  • Keeping accurate records of the materials cut and the amount of time needed to complete the job
  • Storing and handling the gas cylinders used for cutting safely and securely

Skill Require

  • Knowledge of Gas Cutting:
  • Safety of themselves and other workers 
  • Precision
  • Mechanical Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Effective communication with workers and supervisors