Heavy Driver

23 October 2023
130 BHD - 160 BHD / month

Job Description

As a heavy driver, you will be responsible for providing efficient, reliable, quality delivery and collection transport service for heavy goods vehicles in accordance with safety legislation and company procedures. You will have to plan the delivery of goods so as to deliver them on time. Supervise loading and unloading products from the trucks and other related tasks.

Key Responsibilities

  • Plan the delivery of goods correctly so that they are delivered on time. 
  • Drive on different routes to deliver goods.
  • Supervise load and unloading of products from the trucks.
  • Transport all fragile and heavy items carefully.
  • Maintain and update the record of all deliveries.
  • Inspect trucks on a daily basis for cleanliness and good working conditions
  • Ensure to follow the traffic and driving rules.
  • Collect delivery confirmation from the customers.
  • Monitor and refuel oil in the truck as and when needed.
  • Report if there are any defects in the truck or if it requires maintenance.

Skills Require

  • Excellent driving skills
  • Indian license required 
  • Basic knowledge of the mechanics of their truck and how to maintain it
  • Knowledge of how to secure loads using load binders, chains, and strops
  • Knowledge of transport and related industry laws
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures and how to handle hazardous conditions
  • Ability to use satellite tracking equipment and on-board computers
  • Basic literacy and numeracy skills for accurately completing log books and measuring and weighing loads.

Employee Perks

  • Food, accommodation, and medicine free of cost
  • Total 8 hours of working 
  • You will get overtime of 3 extra hours 
  • 5 Days working (Friday and Saturday will be Off)
  • 3 months leave in 18 months’ job (including a bonus of 3 months)
  • The company location is Bahrain