23 October 2023
100 BHD - 120 BHD / month

Job Description

As a Helper in construction industry, your role as a helper entails assisting construction workers with various tasks. These include tidying up work areas, unloading materials, preparing worksites, cleaning debris, and carrying out assigned duties. Your presence on a construction site is vital in expediting the completion of construction projects.

Job Responsibilities 

  • Providing support with plumbing, excavating trenches, installing equipment, organizing tools, and carrying out various masonry tasks
  • Ensuring effective management and cleanliness of construction sites
  • Cleaning up and preparing construction sites, while strictly adhering to safety regulations
  • Performing a range of assigned duties on construction sites, including assisting construction site engineers and supervisors
  • Removing trash, debris, and potentially hazardous materials from construction sites
  • Assisting the construction project manager in surveying to determine which materials should be kept or removed for upgrades
  • Loading, unloading, and identifying construction materials and ensuring their proper distribution
  • Maintaining and operating compressors, generators, power/hand tools, and other construction equipment.

Skills Required

  • Good mechanical skills
  • Physical stamina to lift weight and carry heavy tools 
  • Good listening skills to follow instructions and ensure that they are executed effectively
  • Good organizational skills which enable to set up various tools and materials 
  • Decent math skills to ensure precision and/or accuracy in tasks 
  • Experience in a related or relevant job role/position